Evolving CoCreatively

We are at the tipping point.

It’s time to wake up!

You are being called on to evolve…
into a life filled with peace and harmony
working in partnership with the Universe
knowing yourself as the Source of Love and abundance.

This is both an invitation and a wake-up call. We can continue battling, destroying, hating, resisting…. or we can heal from within the beliefs that keep us limited. As we open to and embody our true divine nature with its inherent talents, we also open more deeply to the unique gifts of our soul.

Evolving CoCreatively is a course designed to give you the tools and knowledge to evolve individually and collectively. We are moving out of the belief that we are separate and power is external. We are moving into  experiencing the connection of all life and the understanding that power is internal.

As we awaken and evolve, we begin to grasp our true magnificence. Once we understand we are all connected, we can work together to recreate our world as a bountiful, glorious experience of love, play, and creating with abundance for all.

Evolving CoCreatively is a course designed to assist you (in groups and as individuals) in gracefully shifting awareness from ‘I’ to ‘We,’ acknowledging that we are divine eternal beings more powerful than our wildest imaginings.

Evolving CoCreatively assists you in:
  • Doing the energy work to assist you in the evolutionary shift.
  • Trusting yourself and your intuitive abilities.
  • Expanding your brain to embrace unity.
  • Living from the heart.
  • Feeling safe in your body, giving you the space to be present, peaceful and happy.
  • Enhancing your imagination, one of your most powerful tools.
  • The understanding that sharing fosters abundance.
  • Opening to the power within you.
  • CoCreating in partnership with the Universe.
  • Having an adult relationship with God.
  • Raising your vibration.

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