Evolving CoCreatively


Evolving CoCreatively is a course designed to assist you in the grand adventure of raising your vibration and evolving the human species.

How the Evolving CoCreatively Course Works

Energy Work

The energy work is really important. It is what is going to take you to the next level. Instructions on how to do it are in Module 2.

Creating a Group

You will get more out of the course if you do it with others. Coming together in a group activates the synergy principle (the whole is greater than its parts). It is preferable for your group to meet at least once a month.  

 You are, of course, welcome to take it by yourself.

This course is presented in modules.

A new module will be added once a month, for a total of 13 modules. It is recommended that the modules are done in the order presented, as the energy work of each module builds on the previous modules. Modules will be available beginning January, 2019.

Modules contain:
  • Two co-creative energy work sessions.
  • MP3 Audios (generally 1-2 hours).
  • PDF files with lecture notes. 
  • Group exercises and/or meditations. 

The first two modules are free. Additional modules are available in three tiers so that anyone who wants to learn to evolve co-creatively is not excluded because of expense. Modules are to be purchased monthly based on the following fee schedule:

Students/low income - $10/module
Single Person - $25/module
Groups - $40/module

Please visit our Q&A page for information about bi-monthly conference calls to answer questions connected to the course.

To comment, ask questions and connect with others who are taking the course, you can join our Facebook Group.

Module 1: Raising Our Vibration

Feminine energy reconnects us to the Divine within. Aquarian energy supports us in “growing up” and being CoCreators with the Universe. The Evolutionary Shift supports us in healing battle energy. We can use these shifts in energy to clear out what no longer serves us and raise our vibration to embody peace and balance.

Module 2:  Energy Work

Learn how to call on highly evolved beings and intelligences to support you at all levels as you move through this evolutionary shift. They will also support you in learning how to work co-creatively with the Universe. Experience a battle energy release and how to calibrate the intentions of your group. (If you are already working with a MAP team, you can skip this module.)

Module 3: Evolving the Mind - WILL BE AVAILABLE SUMMER 2019.

An important step we need to take in this evolutionary process is to bring the mind into unity consciousness.  Our mind tries to keep us small to stay safe. Our Divine Nature desires to be grand and big. Which are you choosing?

For Students/Low Income: $10 CLICK HERE
For Single Person: $25 CLICK HERE
For Groups: $40 CLICK HERE
Module 4: Love - WILL BE AVAILABLE SUMMER 2019

When we connect with Source energy within, we discover Love is something we are. Divine Love is the highest vibration there is. When we are experiencing Divine Love, we are complete in that moment.

For Students/Low Income: $10 CLICK HERE
For Single Person: $25 CLICK HERE
For Groups: $40 CLICK HERE