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The Evolving CoCreatively Team

Ethel Greene - evolving cocreatively
Ethel Greene, Course Co-Creator

Ethel Greene’s soul mission is to assist people in moving into their highest version of being a loving, compassionate, peaceful and happy human. Her inspiration is to help humanity remember and embody their true Divine nature.

Ethel plays as an energy worker, coach, and creator of classes in mysticism, creation skills, multidimensional energy work, practical spirituality, and being an evolutionary. It is her passion to assist people in clearing what doesn’t serve them and to embody their grandest vision of who they choose to be.

She believes we are here on earth to play, create, have fun, be joyful and celebrate life.

Barb Batt, UCreative Group
Barb Batt, Marketing

Barb is a respected marketing professional, Facebook advertiser, professional graphic designer, author and experienced motivational speaker. She’s the owner and founder of U Creative Group™ and supports a new vision of the American business system that is driven by abundance mentality, cooperation and compassion over scarcity and competition.

Barb believes that mental suffering is not necessary and dabbles in mindfulness practices and experimenting with ways to operate in the world without fear running the show. She “thinks out loud” on her blog Nothing Actually Matters upon occasion.

Sandy Hughes -
Sandy Hughes, Website Designer

Sandy Hughes has had artistic abilities since childhood. Eventually she began to paint signs. Graphic Design and editorial page layouts were an easy transition, and then came website design and production.

Together with her childhood friend, they discovered they enjoyed and were good at all the little details and nuances of producing websites for small businesses. They learned effective visual marketing practices and began website production for a few small businesses.

Now, after more than a decade, they have experience helping entrepreneurs from many western states by providing effective online business presences; from weddings to acupuncture, professional painting services, and gardening to construction. Check us out:

Our deep gratitude goes to our consultant Cynthia Murray.


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